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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Dedication to Development.

As much as it hurts me to say this. You can’t start coding with a $200 laptop you found in the street. Trust me, I’ve tried. It doesn’t matter how broke you are, I believe that investing in yourself has the biggest payout of any investment. And one of the best investments you can make is learning mobile game development.

So if you are serious about learning how to develop mobile games, then you need to go spend the money to start your journey. I wrote this article to help you get started on your mobile game development journey.

Not to say you need to buy a $2000 computer or anything. I mean mine costed a mere $700 after all expenses.

NewEgg Pc

Starting Game Development From Scratch.

So starting from nothing, I’d recommend building your own computer. I did this with the help of my friends and newegg. Just a few tips for your new computer:

1. Buy new parts, you never know what to expect buying someones used garbage.

2. Ryzen is a better bang for your buck then Intel, but you will have to do some spoofing to run some virtual machines

3. Ram matters, especially when running code.

4. You can actually buy used monitors, mice (mouses?), and keyboards. Although you can buy a mouse and keyboard for like $10 at Target, I would recommend buying a used monitor. (Bought mine here).

5. Make sure you look at reviews.

Unity Mobile Game Engine

Game Engine for Mobile Game Development.

After you pick out a computer, or if you already have a great one, keep reading. Your next step is too decide which coding software you want to use for development.

There are many options, including Unity, Unreal Engine, Coco’s 2DX, Game Maker Studio, and many many more. Now I’d personally recommend Unity if you plan to make money off of your games. Unreal engine takes a 5% royalty on all profits, and Game Maker and Coco’s are just way too code focused.

Of course if you already know a lot of c# they might be the way to go for you. Unity is free if you gross under $100k which, as luck would have it, is how much we gross now!

If you have a mac, you can still use Unity, but if you want very ios centered app, you can feel free to use x-code, although sadly I won’t be able to help you. All in all, I’ve decided the best option for someone who knows no c#, like me, is Unity.

Free, feature-packed, and powerful, I think unity is the way to go for most of you reading this. So now just install the latest version of Unity, along with visual studio and c# plugins for it.

I’m sure many of you have noticed I’ve been giving you pretty broad directions, and that’s because so far these have been relatively easy steps. As it gets harder, I plan to go into more and more detail.

This article is just a general guide of how to start mobile game development. But don’t forget, this isn’t a big business operation. This post is made specifically for you, so any questions you have so far, drop them in the comments and I will answer ASAP.

My Specs

Current Specs.

So here’s where I’m at, and what you should be similar too. I have a dual monitor setup running on the cheapest usable computer I could build. My computer has 16 GB of Ram and a Ryzen 2600X, with a motherboard I know nothing about, but is new enough to have USB-C.

I have a phone to test on, along with cable to connect it to my computer (USB 3 or USB C), along with a fire tablet I picked up for $40, but you don’t need one of those. The game engine I’m using is the latest version of Unity, and to code I have Visual Studio.

I also bought a tutorial on 2D mobile game development. I’d recommend you buy this tutorial as well, although sadly I don’t make money off of referrals.

If you are with me so far, you can go ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to email updates whenever I post, and to my twitter. I plan to write at least weekly updates on my progress and problems, and I read all direct messages.

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