Godot Vs Unity

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Old Vs New:

Unity is one of the original game engines, meaning it’s also one of the most popular. On the other hand, Godot is relatively new, but that means it brings fresh ideas and design to the table. So in the battle of Godot Vs Unity, which is the overall better pick for newbies?

I’m sure price is the first point many will think of so heads up, both are essentially free, meaning price won’t be one of the topics.

It should be mentioned that I only have experience with Unity, making me a bit bias, so I decided to ask my friends from twitter what they think.

One last thing, when I say winner, it’s completely subjective. The winner is based on my personal opinion. Of course I did try to stay unbias.

Good article! Nicely outlined opinions and as minimal bias as possible. Well written! — James Schy (@JamesSchy) November 13, 2019

Godot Vs Unity: Community

Winner: Unity

Godot Vs Unity Community

I chose unity in this category because of the sheer volume of users. Unity currently sits at 5.5 million active users. This far exceeds Godot at just around 50,000+ users. This is not to say that 50,000+ is anything to scoff at.

The fact of the matter is that If I need help with something, there is a better chance that at least 1/5500000 than 1/50000 will help me.

Unity also has more documentation on it to. Godot actually does have quite a decent manual as well though. Honestly, Godot will grow more and more, possibly making this entire argument redundant.


Winner: Inconclusive

The thing about interface is it’s too much of personal preference. I much prefer Unities interface, but I’ve spoken to many who claim Godot is way more intuitive. Above are basic pictures of both, you can feel free to choose a winner.

A thing to note, the free version of the Unity editor only comes in gray, not in a dark gray like above.

Scripting Languages

Winner: Godot

Despite me biasing unity, I truly do wish it would switch to GDScript. GDScript of course, is Godot’s coding language of choice. You can actually use C# in Godot, but most users wouldn’t recommend it.

GD is easier to pick up according to people who know both. If you’re making a game with Unity, you can’t use GD. I’ve used C# and honestly, it’s somewhat hard to pick up.

Another factor that went into choosing Godot is the fact it comes with a built in editor. With Unity, you have to download another editor, which honestly makes things unnecessary complicated.

The final reason for choosing Godot, is the inclusion of visual scripting. This makes coding much more intuitive, and is great for people who are more into art and sound to cook up a prototype. It’s not recommended that you create a full game through just visual scripting though.

Godot vs Unity: Animation

Winner: Godot

This one is somewhat neck and neck. Godot has an implemented and impressive animation studio, but so does Unity. The real deciding factor for me is how easy they are to use relative to each other.

In my opinion, Godot is easier to use than Unity for animation. This is coming from someone who prefers Unity.

Unities animation engine goes more in depth, but Godots is easier to use. For most games, it makes more sense to get the animation done in a reasonable amount of time than to get it done perfect to the pixel.

2D Games

Winner: Inconclusive

Godot was pretty much made for 2d games. Until version 3 came out, it was pretty much limited to 2d only. This puts Godot, even if it is newer, on a similar playing field to Unity.

The nice thing about Unity is that since it has been around forever, it has become very refined in terms of how intuitive it is to create a game.

Both engines can make astounding games, both in look and feel, and neither one really rises above the other in terms of 2d game quality. If you plan to make a 2d game, either of these choices are great.

3D Games

Winner: Unity

Unity was made for 3d games. Godot is improving it’s 3d capability, but it’s still not really a threat to Unity. Unity’s editor is specifically made for 3d development, and you can even easily make 2d games in 3d mode.

Unity has everything you could every want for 3d development, including an animation editor specifically for it, a ton of great tutorials online, and an asset store with a majority of 3d materials. There are also readily available 3d assets online.

Godot has just recently updated their engine making 3d usable. It doesn’t offer as much support as Unity, but you can use some of the same assets depending on what you need. If you do decide to make your 3d game in Godot, you might find this helpful. Otherwise, you can also make 2d games in the 3d engine, but it may limit some functionality.

Unity Vs Godot: Overall Winner

Winner: Unity

Edged out at a score of 6-5, Unity and Godot are worthy competitors. Unity ends up slightly better, but it really depends on the types of games and what you want out of game engine.

Unity will give you incredible support, and make stunning 3D games, whereas Godot will make coding and animation a breeze. I think both are great all around, but do excel in some categories where the other lacks.

If you do decide to use Unity, I would highly recommend that you check out my Unity Articles, and my starter course. You can also follow my twitter for article updates.

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