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TL;DR Summary

Charlesdev is a website dedicated to game development and tech reviews among many other things. The main author, Chaz (or Charles for long), has always had an entrepreneurs mindset, and works tirelessly to achieve his goals. He, along with his group of friends, are all trying to start businesses and become truly free in this world of 9-5's. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. If you're interested in the whole story feel free to scroll down.




Hi! my name is Chaz, and I'm the main author for CharlesDev. This blog is a relatively new addition on my never ending quest to become a successful entrepreneur. First things first though, let's get the basics out of the way.

You can feel free to contact me anytime through email, twitter, or even a phone call or text at 763-310-3520. I always love hearing from my fans.

I'm an 18 year old currently working a few different jobs, and working towards a new Tesla Model 3. I write for my blog of course, but also occasionally write for Tommy, my best friend's, blog Vekhayn. If you're looking for a post I'm featured in check here. Along with those two jobs, I also have a "normal" job at Holiday gas station, but I'm hoping to not need to rely on that soon.

If there's one thing I care about in this world it would be my dog, Jax. He's my pet chocolate lab and he's a real trouble maker. I've had him for 6 years now and I wouldn't trade a day. He's been my best friend since day one and the goal is to make sure he never dies (no matter how unrealistic it is).

Of course, he's not my only best friend. Me, Tommy (Vekhayn), Ian, and Carsten are all good friends and call ourselves "The Stang Gang" based off the fact that Tommy and Ian have Mustangs. (Me and Carstens stangs are, uhh, in the mail.)


The four of us along with another good friend of mine, David, are always up late talking about entrepreneurship and other important parts of our lives. We all dream of making it big one day and all have our own paths to go down. We're pretty much inseparable.

This pretty much wraps up what's going on in the present, but I have big plans for the future as well.


I graduate high school in 2021, and plan to move to Costa Mesa, CA almost as soon as Summer hits. I'm planning to go to Orange Coast college, and live in the dorms well getting my generals done. Orange Coast is one of the few community colleges with dorms, and I already have some connections out in Cali so it works out perfectly.

The dorms are actually brand new, and I can't wait to move. To me one of the most important things in life is change, so I'm excited for one of my first big changes and big risk. The plan is to continue to make money through my website, and ideally turn it into a full blown job and business soon.